Born in 1977, Edgar's life changed on the day God took Lordship over him. Shaped through his journey as an artist and story teller, he has been given a divine call to share the Gift mercifully given to him with a broken world. That gift is the Redemptive work and story of Christ Jesus. He isn't sure if there is a better call for an artist than to help breath life and hope into one of the Divine Artist greatest creations.

What if everyone you talked to was important to you and mattered?

Edgar is one of the most effective youth leaders with whom I have had the pleasure of working. His teaching is always pertinent and effective, and he always strives to reach even the most distant youth.

- Emily Hudson, Director Project American Life.

In a culture that assigns value based on what we can contribute it is near impossible for us to believe we have value when we have no voice. But we do have a voice. God gave it to us. He placed it inside us to release captives and to set free those who are downtrodden. It's time to begin using that voice,

to speak life into some dry bones.

What if your relationship with God was personal, dynamic and the most important thing in your world?

His personal spiritual depth brings power and precision to all aspects of his teaching method. Teens will find that his earnest and calming personality put him in a category with few peers.

- Jamie Aiken, The Refuge

What does Edgar do?

in the Artistic World


Social Media Management

Working with companies to have an intentional relationship with customers thru media.


Communications Director

Responsible for the Voice of a Church


Writing / Story Telling

Crafting Tales that Intrigue and Educate.

Hopefully while entertaining.


Graphic Design

Taking ideas and visually expressing
 them to the world!


in the Spiritual World


Student Ministry

Growing and Discipling a group of students towards a more intentional life with God.


Missionary Journeys

Partnering with locals in places such as Hatti, Guatemala, Canada and the US to reach their community.


Agragape Ministries

 A series of camps and social sites that help people to simplify their lives and understand the importance of time in the Disciplines with God.



Traveling the world and telling people where to find the Hope that I have found.


Spiritual Disciplines
Belong In Our Daily Lives


Scriptural Intake and Study

Hearing the Word and Meditating on it. Allowing God to speak into our lives.



Taking time to talk to God and share our desires and heart with Him.



To deny ourselves and to turn our
desires over to God for a purpose.



Gathering together in awe and wonder of Him.



Keeping track of the things God has done in our lives and the story He is writing.



Spending time in service to God's community.


Missional Living

Intentionally living life in a way to make Gospel Sharing a reality in our days. j




Mike Denning - Peer

Music Minister

Glynwood Baptist Church



Jason Gibson - Friend

Licensed Counselor



Tucker Platt - Past Student

Church Planter



Larry Jenkins  - Peer

Mission Pastor

FBC Prattville


Positions Held:


Student Minister &

Director of Communications

Glynwood Baptist Church

8+ years



Agragape Experience Camps

11+ years


Dean of Brown School

Super Summer Alabama

2+ years


Counselor & Marketing

Project American Life

11+ years


Graphic Designer

Gannett / Montgomery Advertiser

9 years


Teaching Director - Prattville

Teen Community Bible Study

3 years





Bachelors In Communications

Contract in Advertising & PR

Troy University

Objectives in Student Ministry

To come along side parents, in the role of Student Minister, serving and helping them in raising their children to be the people of God that will be the hands and feet of Christ to this hurt world. Offering students opportunities programmatically and relationally to grow in their discipleship of Christ while pursuing a missional lifestyle. Using everything God has given him to aide those that God places in front of him in knowing the grace and peace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, deeply and passionately.



Servant hood, Small Group Developing, Writing and Developing Inspiring Curriculum, Creative Programming, One-on-one Counseling, Leadership Development, ESL Certification, and Dynamic Speaking.


Specialized Ministry Experience

Developing Cross Cultural Partnerships, Foreign Missions Experience (Organizing and Implementing), ESL Certified, Pulpit Supply, Interim Service, Workshop Leading, Traveling Speaking.

God has a grand plan and moves us through his world like pieces on a chess board. Where has God moved Edgar?

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